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LORD OF LORDS: Understanding the Lordship of Jesus Pt. 1

“Am I really Lord of your life?” I heard this question in my spirit a few weeks ago and I began to examine my heart regarding His Lordship in my life. After God asked me that question He began speaking to me about Him being King of Kings and Lord of Lords from Revelation 19:16. I was completely blown away by how much God’s Word talks about Him being Lord and King.

Jesus is commonly called the “Lord Jesus Christ” not just Jesus. The word Lord comes from the Old English word hlaford meaning master of a household, ruler, feudal lord, superior; husband and also God. It has been used for centuries as a title of reverence and honor. Not only did the English have an understanding of honoring those in authority but so did the Israelites.

There are numerous words for “Lord” in the Hebrew and Greek language. Three of them we are going to focus on. The first one, Yehovah, is used over 6,500 times in the Old Testament as the name of God. It is transliterated as The LORD, Jehovah, and God. It is the name most often used for Him in scripture. Another word used for “Lord” is the Hebrew word, Adonay. This name was given in fondness, respect, and honor to God first by Abraham in Genesis 15:2. It comes from the root word ‘adown, meaning ruler, sovereign and master.  

When we study the word John used in Revelation for Lord, it is the Greek word kyrios. Used 676 times, it is defined as “supreme in authority, controller; by implication, Master (as a respectful title):—God, Lord, master, Sir.” It was commonly used by the disciples and apostles to address Jesus. They called Him Lord. They called Him Master and so must we WITH a heart of reverence; a lifestyle of surrender. Servants often used this term to address their masters. It was a sign of reverence and submission. Sarah called her husband Abraham “lord” expressing her respect for him (1 Peter 3:6).

The Jewish people have understood for centuries that His name is holy; that it is to be revered, honored and loved. They refused to even say His full name because they were afraid to dishonor it. Not all God’s people take His Lordship seriously. Many people treat God and His ways with complete disrespect. All of us have done this. Yet, He is Lord whether we like it or not. He is the only Sovereign, Master, and Ruler of all. Most people do not acknowledge Him as Lord or King. They have exalted themselves as “Lord”. They do not obey His commands nor do they keep His statutes.

To many, Jesus is just another man, a historical figure or a JUST nice and loving Savior. Jesus is not just another man. He is not just nice and gentle Jesus. He is the KING OF KINGS and the LORD of LORDS!

In chapter 19 of the book of Revelation, John the Apostle sees the Lord Jesus. John sees Him with flames of fire in His eyes and many crowns on His head. He is victoriously riding a white horse bringing judgment on the enemies of God. He is fierce. He is royal. His robe is dipped in blood and John says:

“And He has on His robe and on His thigh a name written:


Many people do not believe in nor understand the Lordship of Jesus Christ. His Lordship is His dominion and authority. Whether we believe in it or not does not negate who He is. Today I challenge you to examine your heart! Ask Him, “Lord are you truly LORD of my life?” You will get an answer but it will not be with anger or judgment but instead with conviction! It will come with love, grace, and power to be His child. Is Jesus supreme in your life? Are you giving Him the throne of your heart to rule and reign in?

This Jesus, the LORD Jesus Christ, is coming for a church that has made herself ready (Revelation 19:7). He is looking for a bride that does not just want to be saved from hell. The Lord desires a bride who longs to live holy, righteous, pure, and undefiled because she reveres Him in loving obedience and adoration. To her, He is Lord. He is HER Lord. She does not treat Him lightly. When He speaks she is hanging on every word. She lives in awareness of His presence and love. How? Jesus said in John 14:15,21,23:

“If you love Me, keep  My commandments…He who has My commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves Me. And he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and manifest Myself to him…If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him.”

The church will live in awareness of Him more and more as they revere, honor and love Him. We keep His commandments because we recognize Him as King and Lord. He must not be treated as a common thing. He is holy. He is sovereign. He is the only risen King. He is God in the flesh. He is the LORD Jesus Christ and because of that, rebellion and anarchy are unacceptable in God’s Church.

Our Apostle, Dr. Kathy Shelton, often says, “If He is not Lord of ALL, He is not Lord at all.” Make Him Lord of every part of your life through daily surrender. Give Him everything! I promise, you won’t be disappointed! He is REALLY really good!

Next week we will continue talking about His Lordship and how that relates to our salvation, healing, and deliverance as children of God! We are praying that God takes you to another level in Him and that you honor Him as LORD!

With love,

Yielded Vessels Ministries